Darts champ Phil Taylor on his amazing weight loss

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I didn’t want to hit 55 and have a heart attack: Darts champ Phil Taylor on his amazing weight loss

He has lost more than five stone to blow away the bloated 19-stone frame that was a throwback to earlier giants of the game.

Phil Taylor exercising

Nutritionist and fitness expert Laura Church devised a healthy living plan which ended his life of endless fry-ups … and added exercise.

But it was the weight he hated which helped him to become a world beater.

Phil reveals he was bullied about his weight as a kid which made him determined to succeed as a darts player.

He said: “When I was 13 I decided to get into shape and get into bodybuilding, I didn’t want girls calling me fatty.

“I always loved bodybuilding but darts is what I was good at. It wasn’t nice as a kid going into a man’s shop and buying clothes.

“Being called names when I was young has made me very determined. It’s why I have been so successful in what I do.”

Finally with the help of Laura Church he tackled the weight which had haunted him.

He said: “I called her the Sergeant Major. She really pushed me to get fit. And she devised a great diet for me to go with it.

“The great thing about healthy food is that you get fuller with it than other food, and it is better for you.

“You miss things like curries but we put a lot of spices and chillis in the food and they made it taste fantastic and are calorie free at the same time.”

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