About Laura Church

About Laura ChurchWho is Laura Church?

Laura began competing from the early age of 10, and became a member of the British Judo Team by the time she was 13 years old, competing in numerous competitions both nationally and internationally for 10 years.

Laura’s career then lead her into the world of body building in the Miss Figure and Miss Fitness categories, competing internationally until the age of 38.

Laura’s ongoing interest in fitness and nutrition has been the driving force behind her decision to use her combined knowledge to help others achieve their fitness goals and ambitions.

Her background has enabled her to combine her extensive nutrition expertise with her knowledge of international sport to produce a unique service to assist people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness to improve their awareness of the importance of good nutrition to aide good health, fitness and general wellbeing.


One memorable comment was that ‘Laura has the body of a 20 year old …’ at that time Laura was 38. Now Laura is 50 and feeling better than ever!

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In the Media

Over the last few years Laura has been very active in the  media both national and internationally and has been asked to act as speaker on Meridian Tonight, Kilroy, Marbella TV, The Time The Place, Channel 5, BBC1, Eurosport, Sky One and many radio stations. Laura was also one of the judges of the TV show ‘Body Spectacular’ on the Discovery Health Channel and is currently presenting her own show “Health and Nutrition” on the Sky Active Channel 281.

Laura speaks regularly at seminars for the NHS PCT for doctors and staff on how nutrition and exercise can benefit good health, the importance of a good diet when giving up smoking, how to avoid type 2 diabetes and contributes to numerous magazines explaining the facts about good nutrition, exercise and how simple steps can lead to a healthier life both mentally and physically. Also working directly with business such as HSBC Bank, Kent Police, schools, professional football clubs and athletes to increase their health, wellbeing and performance.


For a number of years Laura has owned her own gym and provides a bespoke one to one service for her clients who range from professional athletes, footballers, singers and models to professional businessmen, housewives and children.

This allows Laura to give a personal and exclusive training regime which allows her clients to achieve their individual goals. Her service also extends to client referrals from GP’s, Plastic Surgeons, Physiatrists, Hospitals, Chiropractors, Cardiologists and Physiotherapists.

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Industry Associations and Qualifications

Laura is a Fitness Professional member and regularly attends training and seminars at institutes such as Loughborough University to ensure her knowledge is in tune with the ever changing wealth of information available from the scientific and medical community.


  • YMCA Weight Training and Nutrition
  • ILEA Judo Instructor
  • BAWLA Weight Training Certification
  • Step Reebok Instructor Certification
  • RSA and YMCA Exercise to Music Certification
  • NABBA Judge
  • Fitness Professionals Advanced Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Red Cross Full First Aider

Results with Laura ChurchThe Results

Whilst the majority of Laura’s clientele are able-bodied Laura takes a special interest in helping the small percentage of her clients that have been referred to her by medical staff after illness or surgery and she takes considerable pleasure in helping them to return to mobility and health.

All of Laura’s clients achieve good results, some are happy to lose a few inches and improve their body shape. One client wanted to lose 10 stone in weight, so that he could fulfill his goal of returning to the rugby field, he now leads a happier healthier life.

Another client suffers severely with arthritis and had very limited arm movements and she could not do simple tasks such as kneeling down. After just 12 weeks on her healthy eating and exercise plan she is now able to do things that she hadn’t been able to do for years such as put her hair up in a clip and kneel down, something that most of us take for granted.  Her posture is now greatly improved and she leads a much fitter, happier, healthier life.

Sporting Professionals

By following their individually tailored healthy eating and exercise plan, all of Laura’s professional athletes found that their performance was enhanced in a matter of days by becoming fitter, faster, stronger, improved mentally alertness with quicker recovery from workout and games.