Healthy Eating Food Plans

FacebookMy Healthy Eating Foodplan is the perfect way to kick start your healthier life style and you will soon see the weight fall off.  By following my very simple easy to follow plan, you will soon start to look and feel great.

If you would really like to make a difference then Laura will personalise your eating plan via post, email and phone. It is really easy to follow with no pills, powders or potions just back to basics cooking real food. Quick and easy to prepare it is all about preparation, a plan to suit your individual needs, and energy requirements.

Prices start from just £29.99.

Foodplan QuestionsSPECIAL OFFER!

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Each plan is individually tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and training programme.

Please click on the Food plan image to the right of the page to download the form.  Once completed return to


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Sports Specific Plans

Guaranteed to enhance your performance make you fitter, faster, stronger, improve mental alertness, quicker recovery from workout and games leading to improved performance overall. This investment starts from £500.00. Payment is to be submitted with your completed questionnaire through PayPal.  Laura Church online store is powered by PayPal’s secure payment credit card processing systems, providing you with total security & peace of mind. Choose to make purchases with a major credit card, ATM debit card or by using your PayPal account.

CLICK HERE to download my fantastic complimentary leaflet “No More Diets”


Note: An official receipt will be automatically generated & sent to your specified email account’s inbox upon completion of your online payment.

You should always consult your doctor prior to undergoing any nutritional changes to your diet if you have any health problems or illnesses or are on any medication.

Monthly food plan reviews Monthly reviews of food plans are available from just £25.00 depending on their complexity.