Whilst the majority of Laura’s clientele are able-bodied Laura takes a special interest in helping the small percentage of her clients that have been referred to her by medical staff after illness or surgery.  

Laura takes considerable pleasure in helping them to return to mobility and health.  

The Results
All of Laura’s clients achieve good results. Some of Laura’s clients are happy to lose a few inches and improve their body shape. One client wanted to lose 10 stone in weight, so that he could fulfil his goal of returning to the rugby field, he now leads a happier healthier life.  

Another client suffers severely with arthritis and had very limited arm movements and could not do simplest task of kneeling down, after starting her healthy eating plan. After 12 weeks she is now able to do things that she hadn’t been able to do for years such as put her hair up in a clip and kneel down. Her posture is greatly improved and she is much happier and healthier.  

Below are Testimonials from just some of Laura’s clients  

 Kent Police  



Peterborough United Football Club  


Bristol Rovers Football Club  


Gillingham Football Club  


 Capio Nightingale Hospital  


Feedback from Clients
“I had nearly given up on finding a personal trainer or Gym that would help my 12 Year old Daughter, Emilie to Train. I was even thinking of contacting the TV programme “The biggest Loser” to see if they would do a programme with children. Then by accident I caught Laura’s sign outside her gym. I went home and sent her an email. She replied to give her a call. I did and how glad I am. Laura is like a breath of fresh Air, she was very happy to train a 12 year old and encourage me to see her too. I did. We have already been with Laura for two weeks and have lost lbs between us. We both feel so much more healthier, energetic and already fitter. Our sugar cravings have gone and we never go hungry. I am very proud of my daughter, who has tried to lose weight before but failed. She has stuck to her eating plan very well and is enjoying the training sessions with Laura. We both look forward to Laura’s workouts as she always changes them so we enjoy them. We didn’t think we could work with the TRX as we are both unfit, but they are great!! We are both looking forward to feeling more confident on the beach in Thailand at Christmas. Laura is extremely passionate about her work and is very encouraging. More important, you can see she loves her work. Its great to have someone who is so positive and enthusiastic like Laura who really wants to help people get fitter and healthier.”
Sue and Emilie Bristow  

“My name is Jade Goodwin. I’m age 14 and have always had trouble loosing weight. I have tried all different diets they worked but then the weight just seemed to pile on again. I have been bullied at school and so for all those children out there suffering with weight problems and bulling I can understand how hard it is for you. I had no confidence and hated what I looked like I never even wear shorts, I was just hating life and feeling uncomfortable with how I looked.  

I was then told about Laura Church and thought I would give it a go. Coming away from first meeting Laura I had a positive mind about my new healthy lifestyle and couldn’t wait to start training and making a proper go of this. I started in April 2008. Laura took my measurements and weight on the first meeting so she could work out an eating plan for me. Which is easy and simple to follow and you don’t feel hungry at all throughout it.  

Since April I have lost 21 inches and 22 lbs and the weight and inches are still falling off me. I have so much more confidence, I feel a lot healthier, have a lot more energy and look forward to going to Laura’s every week. During my sessions I always feel very welcome and comfortable around her. Laura and her team are all very encouraging, supportive, friendly, and a great laugh. I always aim to try and beat my records and even if it’s just by the 1, I always have a positive mind when leaving my workout sessions at Laura’s. This is one thing in life I will never regret doing it has been a brilliant change to my life.  

Give Laura a call today her passion for fitness and helping people to have a happier and healthier lifestyle comes from her heart and I am sure she would be more than happy to help you as well.”
Jade Goodwin – Student  

“I just wanted to write an email to say thank you for helping me with my nutrition. Every interview I do for the gladiators, I have been telling them about you and my nutrition. It has made such a difference to my performance in athletics, before I got your diet I was always getting injured, feeling exhausted all the time and never seemed to gain muscles. You taught me that I had to eat regularly and eat the right things to fuel my body. This hasn’t only made a difference to my injures and performance, but it has changed my body shape and appearance, I look strong and toned. Your nutritional diet has made me feel so much healthier and more alert through the day!! So thank you very much! You have made some amazing changes in my sport.”
Lucy Boggis – Professional Athlete – Gladiator Tempest  

“At 29 I have suffered ill health all my life. Having coeliac disease meant a gluten free diet. But I had never been educated about healthy eating. I was put in touch with Laura Church who, within one session, had taught me how to eat well, loose unwanted body fat, get rid of my sugar craving (choc-o-holic!!) and had shown me how to get fit and toned without having to do more than 4 hours work out a week!”  

One month in and already I have energy, am fitter, more toned, happier with my image and the way I feel.So… I would recommend anyone to go and see Laura, even if you already work out at a gym. She will help you learn how your body functions and should function! She will encourage you, giving you the needed boost to continue in your new way of life.  

I thought eating healthily would mean never having sweet, tasty food again. But it doesn’t! The easy to stick to healthy eating plan, perfectly designed just for you, will work around your lifestyle. I thought exercise would mean being in the gym 2 to 4 hours a day but it doesn’t. Laura will design a plan of action for you and will guide you along the way.  

Give her a call today. Her passion for fitness comes from her heart and you will come away after meeting her, with a renewed determination to continue to progress and became what you always wanted to be”.
Louisa Peachey – Modeling Scout  

“I have known Laura for 15 years. She has always impressed me with her enthusiasm for her subject, which she has an in-depth knowledge. She has impressed me with her approach in the context of physical fitness and understands that it is multifaceted involving nutrition, psychology and physicality. I have referred a number of patients to her over the years, who have managed to avoid painful liposuction (by re educating, their eating habits and following a personlised training programme) and everyone of those have been a success. I will continue to send patients who I know will benefit from her expertise.”
Mr Norris – Private Plastic Surgeon for BUPA hospitals  

“I am 40 years and Independent Financial Adviser and therefore spend a lot of time sat in my car or at a desk. About 4 years ago I lifted a mattress and suffered a suspected prolapsed disk. I started getting pains in my leg and knee joint and could not stretch out my left leg. I was recommended to Laura Church, by one of my clients and have been going to her twice a week since June 07. Since this time, I have managed to reduce my body fat considerable and build muscle. I have a regular eating pattern and feel much stronger; I can lift my children and do things I would have normally avoided as I would have worried about my back.  

During my time seeing Laura I have had no flair ups with my back and my leg can now stretch out straight and my knee is getting better every week. I feel healthier and stronger and I would highly recommend her services.”
David Simmonds – Independent Financial Adviser  

“My name is Derrick George, I am 43 years old and when I started with Laura I was 20 stone 3Ibs. Now I weigh 18 stone 10Ibs and the weight is still coming off. Before I started just doing the simplest things was an effort like doing my shoe laces, getting up from my arm chair, going to the park with my kids and even going up stairs would make me out of breath. I was lethargic about my work and had trouble getting up in the morning.  

The program that Laura has written for me has made me fitter, stronger and happier with my body than I have ever been.The change in my body and life has been incredible …thank you Laura for giving me a better life.”
Derrick George – Car Salesman  

“I feel my body is being sculpted in a structured way, as a consequence my self esteem and self awareness has grown as a result. My body feels more taut, I have more energy and feel my posture has improved. Your healthy eating tips I find easy to follow. When I was younger I was thrown from a horse and have suffered spasmodic knee trouble ever since. Through the graduated steps of your exercise schedule my knee has improved to the point where I hardly feel a twinge.  

I would like to thank you for your continued assistance and support.”
Charlene Jones – Accountant  

Referrals from Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital:
With Laura’s help, in the last 7 weeks David Steel has successfully lost 2 stone in weight. I think that Laura’s influence has clearly been hugely beneficial.
David Brennand-Roper – Cardiologist – Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital