Fitness Consultation

Personal Fitness Consultation

Exercise Plan – What can you expect?

Personal Training

Laura Church and staff will need to know your aims and objectives, your likes and dislikes, training habits and much more. She will then develop an eating program tailored to your specific requirements and discuss this and other subjects, such as how eating can affect performance and training, mental alertness and mood swings etc.

Your body fat measurements may be taken as these are a good guide to your progress over time. The next step is to build an exercise program to help you achieve those fitness goals you wish to achieve.

Each program is personal but will usually combine resistance training with cardiovascular exercise and stretching. Laura will take you through each exercise to ensure that you are performing them correctly and are comfortable with them. This program and your progress will be reviewed on a regular basis, normally every four weeks. The program is then changed to keep it and you at optimum performance.

One major problem is that many people have is lack of knowledge of how their body works. The human body needs fuel every two and a half to three hours to keep it at its optimum performance. It also needs the right fuel to run efficiently. Unfortunately today’s fast food culture sometimes leads us to top up with the wrong fuel, often with disastrous results. Something you should remember is that achieving your goal is always going to be 75% good nutrition and 25% training.