Laura’s Clients

Client List

Over the years Laura’s knowledge and expertise has helped many people from all walks of life, people seeking help with medical conditions right through to top sports professionals.


Phil The Power Taylor – 15 times World Darts Champion –

Click Here for more information on Phil’s incredible journey with Laura.

Stephen Broadhurst – 7 times Irish Boxing Champion

Below is a video of Laura sparing with 7 time Irish boxing champ Stephen Broadhurst

Below is a selection of just a few of Laura’s clients: –

John Regis – Olympic medallist

Gladiator Tempest– Lucy Boggis is also a British Athlete

Lydia Bailey – TV Presenter, Miss Figure Competitor –

Stephanie Benson– Princess with Stock Aitken Waterman

Tessa Sanderson – Working with Tessa’s athletes

Ibusonko – Professional footballer Reading

Nigel Reo-Coker – Professional footballer Aston Villa

Michelle Clack – Daily Star Model

Jason Brown – Professional footballer Blackburn Rovers

Jo Fenn – 800 metre runner

Axel – From So Solid Crew

Moses – Singer

Claire Abraham – Swimmer

Shani Anderson – 100 & 200 metre runner

Diane Allahergreen – 100 metre hurdles

Marlon King– Professional footballer Watford

Rod Walace – Former Leeds United FC player

Tommy Johnson – Former Leeds United FC player

Ty Gooden– Former Wycombe & Gillingham FC player

Michael Phillips– Former Gillingham FC player

Kevin James– Former Gillingham FC player

Daria Petrovic – Tennis Player

Maclean Oktie – 100 & 200 metre sprinter

Liam Norval – Wales & West Ham Footballer

Anthony Sawer– Bobslayer & Former Decathlon Athlete

Julian Mcwatt – Weight lifter

Miss Fitness Competitors for the British Championships & Miss Universe

Bristol Rovers Football Club

Peterborough Football Club

…and many more

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